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Please read the following, and submit the short form at the bottom of this page.

FUNDED PROJECTS(Projects that have received funding)


A completed application for research time should be emailed to:


Applications must include the following attachments (required by the Office of Internal Audit):


A copy of the funding grant face page with Grant Number, and Budget Pages. Salary information can be deleted.


A copy of the appropriate internal human or animal use approval letters (e.g. HIC, IACUC)


An application must be filled out for each/all projects. Funded projects are required to complete page one (1) of the application. An application can be downloaded at

Applications for funded projects will be approved, providing there are funds to cover the charges, it has appropriate approval (HIC, IACUC), and it passes a technical feasibility review by BITC. Please allow three (3) business days to process your application(s).

Once the project is approved, the PI will be issued a user name, password, and BITC protocol number. The issued user name and password is for the PI (or Project Coordinator) to schedule time on the 3T via our website

PILOT PROJECTS (Projects that have not received external funding but approved by the BITC Imaging Research Committee to gather pilot data)
  1. Pilot Projects will be funded based on their relevant merits and only a small fraction of applications will be funded. Investigators may apply for ≤ 10 hours for each pilot project.

  2. Costs for approved hours will be shared evenly between BITC and the PI. (Please see for current rates). Approved time will be valid during the fiscal year in which it is granted. Unused time will not carry-forward into the next fiscal year.

  3. Applications for pilot time should be submitted electronically using the downloadable application form ( Pages one and two of the application are required to be completed. Applications must be submitted four (4) weeks prior to the intended start date. Once received, applications will be sent to the members of the BITC Imaging Research Committee for electronic review. Two weeks are allotted for the committee review. A technical screening will also be conducted by BITC personnel. A decision will be made based on the committee review and MR time availability, and emailed to the applicant.

  4. Applications must include the following attachment(s) (required by Office of Internal Audit):


    Copy of the appropriate internal human or animal use approval letters (e.g. HIC, IACUC)

The following Policies and Procedures apply to all users of the 3T

Scheduling for the 3T can be completed through our website or by emailing a 3T Scheduling Request Form to

When scheduling time via our website, please include the PI.s name, Project Title, BITC protocol number, and select an appropriate scheduling category. Individuals who schedule time on behalf of the PI should include their initials, in parenthesis, following the BITC Protocol Number. Scheduled time that does not contain this information will be deleted.

NOTE: Experimental preparation and finalization should be included in the scheduled time block. That is, calendar time should reflect expected need for access to scanner facility and/or BITC staff.

NOTE: If multiple scans are to be conducted on the same day by the same group, these studies should be performed contiguously or separated by sufficient duration (>= 1 hour) so that the time between studies are usable. A gap between 0-45 minutes will be billed.

NOTE: When warranted/reasonable, a small amount of time (no more than 2 hours) may be requested for initial protocol sequence and hardware testing. Please contact the director for approval for such use.

NOTE: Use of the DTI software on the satellite console, must be scheduled through the BITC office. Please contact Robert (2-2003) or Katrina (2-2618) to schedule this time.

NOTE: Funded and Pilot Projects are granted "add event" access to the 3T calendar. Modifications (deletions, cancellations, corrections) to the 3T calendar must be requested through the BITC office. Requests should be submitted on a 3T Scheduling Request Form and emailed to A confirmation email will be sent by BITC upon the completion of the request(s).

NOTE: When the scanner is not being used by a funded project or a pilot project, it can be accessed on an ad hoc basis for testing and methodological development. Such use will not secure time on the calendar and may be bumped off by a funded or pilot project. Please contact Katrina Gourdet if you intend to access the scanner on such an ad hoc basis.

Funded Projects - This category should be used by projects that have been issued a BITC Protocol Number beginning with the letters "FP". Funded Projects have the highest priority and are permitted to request time that has been scheduled by Pilot Projects. Note that for protocols that are completely new, BITC personnel will be available to assist with protocol development and some dry-run 3T time at no-charge maybe approved by the director. Please contact Katrina Gourdet via email ( with requests for protocol development. Emails should include a brief summary of what is to be performed (i.e. testing of equipment, dry-run of sequences) please indicate if subject(s) will be used during protocol development.

Pilot Projects - This category should be used by projects that have been issued a BITC Protocol Number beginning with the letters "PP". Pilot Projects have the lowest priority and are subject to being bumped by Funded Projects.

Late Cancellations/No Shows - BITC strictly enforces its cancellation policy. Please see our cancellation policy (below) section for additional details. This category is used to designate scheduled time to be charged at half the current rate. This category is restricted and should only be used by the BITC office.

Make-up - In the event of unsuccessful scanning or "bad data" due to BITC equipment malfunctions or BITC personnel operation error during experiments, make-up time will be allotted for a future scan. Make-up time will only be allotted when the cause of unsuccessful scanning is due to BITC equipment or personnel. Make-up time will be commensurate with time lost. All such cases must be reported within 72-hours, in writing, and sent via email to Make-up time must be approved and scheduled through the BITC office.

Maintenance - Periodically, the 3T system must undergo repairs, installations, updates, etc., which require downtime of the scanner. For the aforementioned purposes, BITC personnel will use this category. Projects are not allowed on the scanner during scheduled maintenance time.

All users are responsible for logging their "In" and "Out" times in the BITC logbook located in the MRI control area. In and out times that are missing will be logged by the MRI Technologist or BITC representative. Times that are logged by the MRI Technologist or BITC Representative will be deemed as correct when the PI or Lab Representative fails to do so. The PI's or Lab Representative's signature is required upon the completion of each scanning session. Sessions that have not been signed by the PI or Lab Representative will be considered as accurate.

Disputes/concerns regarding time(s) logged in the logbook must be addressed with the MRI Technologist or Katrina within 48 hours after the session. The PI or Lab Representative must follow-up verbal communications in writing via email. Changes/adjustments to logged time(s) will not be made after 48-hours have passed.

Billing for the 3T is completed at the beginning of each month, for the previous month (Ex.: billing for June is completed in July). The 3T Calendar and 3T log are used to determine time to be billed. Time for the 3T is billed in (.25) increments and rounded to the nearest .

Start Time: In determining the "start time" to be billed, the start time that is scheduled on the 3T calendar will have precedence.


When the logbook start time is prior to the calendar start time. (Ex.: Calendar Start Time - 1:30 pm; Logbook Start Time - 1:15 pm, 1:15pm will be billed as the Start Time).

End Time: In determining the "end time" to be billed, the end time that is scheduled on the 3T calendar will have precedence.


When the logbook end time is after the calendar end time. (Ex.: Calendar End Time - 1:30 pm; Logbook End Time - 2:00 pm, 2:00 pm will be billed as the End Time).

Requests for cancellation must be received at least 24-hours prior to the scheduled scan time and submitted on a 3T Scheduling Request Form. All forms should be emailed to Requests that are received < 24-hours prior to the scheduled scan time will be considered as a late cancellation. Late Cancellations and No Shows will be charged at half the current rate. Time for Pilot Projects will be counted as used. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. A confirmation email will be sent confirming all cancellations.

BITC will provide trained personnel (MRI Technologist or BITC staff) to operate the scanner for all funded and pilot projects. In rare cases, an investigator might be interested in having one of his/her own group member running the scanner. In that case, the individual from the investigator's group must be trained by BITC staff and approved by the director of BITC.

All 3T Users are required to watch a one hour MRI Safety Video. Viewing of this video can be coordinated with the MRI Technologist.



The MRI Technologist or BITC personnel must be present during scheduled and non-scheduled appointments.


The number of persons arriving in the 3T Lab area is restricted to essential persons needed to perform the experiment and the assigned subject for the appointment.


Equipment that has to be placed in the scanner room must be inspected and approved by the MRI Technologist or BITC personnel before operation.


Equipment cannot be placed or removed in the 3T scanner room without supervision by the MRI Technologist or a designated BITC representative.


Entry into the 3T lab area during active studies of other researchers is prohibited. Please respect the scheduled appointments that are set before and after your exams. BITC will notify the appropriate individual(s) when the schedule is not running on time.

Image data acquired with standard sequences will be archived on a server at New PIs should contact Stephen LaConte for an account on this server. Note: usernames and passwords are separate from those assigned for the scheduling calendar. Each PI will have access only to his/her data. Other individuals (lab members or collaborators) may be designated to a PI's group to obtain access to these data. These individuals should obtain their own personal accounts on the server.

By the end of the day, all data should be shipped from the scanner to the archive server. PIs have the responsibility of verifying that data were archived within 1 week of their experiment. Note: Best practice is to verify within 1 day after the experiment, since data on the scanner are not backed up. Data will remain on the BITC archive for at least one month, but will only remain on the scanner for a week. Please verify that your data exist in our archive as soon as possible, but no later than a week after the experiment. If any problems with data transfer arise, send an e-mail documenting the problem to Robert Smith immediately. Since it is the PI's responsibility to verify data integrity within the week after scanning, they should keep a copy of any sent e-mail for their records.

To assist with emergencies, we maintain a tape backup of archived data however PIs are responsible for transferring data to their labs and maintaining their own backups. While we will do everything possible to assist labs in recovering lost data, we do not guarantee nor take responsibility for data that has been on the archive server for more than one month.

DICOM CDs may be requested while data are still on the scanner (make arrangements with Robert). By special request, DICOM CDs can also be burned from the archive (make arrangements with Stephen).

A data processing fee has been implemented at a rate of $75.00 per hour.

NOTE: Please call 2-2618 if clarification of any policy item is needed.

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