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3 T Time and Projects
Hardware FAQ

3 T Time and Projects

Explain peak hours and non-peak hours.

(3/29/04): Scanning during peak hours (8:00 am - 6:00 pm) will be performed by a BITC research technologist. BITC approval will be required for scanning during non-peak hours (after 6pm). Scanning during non-peak hours will be carried out by either BITC personnel or a trained individual from the investigator's group.

Where can I find pricing information?

(3/29/04): See Emory Core Facilities ( for rates and description of services (look for 3T under Service category).

What is a funded project?

(3/29/04): By definition, a funded project is one that is already funded. In BITC terms, it also referrs to a project that is approved for unrestricted use of MR time as long as scanner schedule permits. To get a funded project approved, details of funding and IRB need to be sent to Katrina. Once it is approved, an account and password will be set up to schedule studies, and MR time will be charged to the corresponding account. Funded projects have a higher priority over developmental projects and can bump off developmental projects.

What is a pilot project?

(3/29/04): It is a project, that is not currently funded externally, for which limited MR time is approved for acquiring pilot data for the sole purpose of obtaining outside funding. Application forms for pilot projects can be downloaded from our webpage. Completed applications should be emailed to Katrina. It will be reviewed by a committee, which may approve or disapprove it. Provided that it is approved and an IRB protocol is current, a pilot project works the same as a funded project except that the MR time available is usually limited to 10 hours.

What is a developmental project?

(3/29/04): It is a project which involves sequence or hardware development/validation. It is not charged but can only access the scanner on an ad hoc basis when the scanner is open. It cannot officially block time on the scanner although you might make a note of your intend to use it with Katrina. It can be bumped off by the other two types of project.

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