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BITC News and Announcements:
Jul. 17, 2014:BITC 3T MR scanner down
May 15, 2014:[Solved] Cluster ran into READONLY today.
May 7, 2014:CSI-BITC cluster scheduled service
Apr. 25, 2014:Cygwin woes
Apr. 16, 2014:Pardon for slow program starting and file loading
Apr. 16, 2014:Node7 NFS re-routed
Feb. 27, 2014:Node25 and node26 out of order
Jan. 7, 2014:1599 Clifton Rd data center AC failure
Dec. 18, 2013:Grissom Hard Drive Failure (fixed)
Dec. 2, 2013:Cluster hardware failure (fixed)

Current 3T Calendar Status: Night
After hour & back up
MRI technicans are:
Xiangchuan Chen(today) Xiangchuan Chen(tomorrow) Zhihao Li(third day)
0 after hour events found
(orange striped)
in the next 7 days
Weekly Events:
(2 hrs grid,7am-10pm
Dots show daily number
of after hour scans>)

Current BITC Cluster SGE load: 8.7023%

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