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10/31/2014: The old BITC scheduling system is
combined with CSI scheduling system.

10/30/2014: The Prisma upgrading is finished.
But the magnet is still not functioning yet. There is a chilling
system error popped up. Siemens service called.

10/27/2014: Magnet quenched!

BITC News and Announcements:
Oct. 31, 2014:BITC 3T MR scanner upgrade progress
Oct. 30, 2014:CSI-BITC cluster storage expanding will start
Oct. 23, 2014:CSI-BITC cluster experienced an OS error on node24
Oct. 13, 2014:Node7 disconnected and reconnected
Aug. 15, 2014:BITC MR Scanner will upgrade
Aug. 4, 2014:Node8 will be taken off the cluster
Jul. 17, 2014:BITC 3T MR scanner down
May 15, 2014:[Solved] Cluster ran into READONLY today.
May 7, 2014:CSI-BITC cluster scheduled service
Apr. 25, 2014:Cygwin woes

Current BITC Cluster SGE load: 124.42%

Last modified: Thu Oct 30 18:51:53 2014.