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Biomedical Imaging Technology Center


Name Position (before leave) Period Leave for
Robert Smith III   MRI Technologist   2003-2016 Emory SOM CSI Core  
Jaekeun Park   Research Assistant Professor   2007-2016 Emory SOM CSI Core  
Lei Zhou   Senior Research Associate   2003-2016 Emory SOM CSI Core  
Xiaoping Hu   Professor, Director   2002-2016 UC Riverside  
Nishant Zachariah   Research Associate   2013-2016 Will Graduate Soon  
Shiyang Chen   Research Associate   2011-2016 Will Graduate Soon  
Candace Fleischer   Postdoc   2014-2016 Emory Radiology  
Xiaohong Shen   Visiting Scholar   2016-2016 Emory BME  
Xiangchuan Chen   Postdoc   2007-2016 Emory Psychiatry  
Bing Ji   Visiting Graduate Student   2012-2016 Graduated  
Zhihao Li   Research Assistant Professor   2004-2016 Shenzhen University, College of Psychology and Sociology  
Jason Langley   Postdoc   2011-2016 UC Riverside  
Naying He   Visiting Scholar   2016-2016 UC Riverside  
Sang-eon Park   Research Assistant   2015-2016 Gatech Graduate School, BME  
Wendy Wang   Summer Intern   2016-2016   
Jiuquan Zhang   Visiting Scholar   2015-2016 Third Military Medical University, Chongqing  
Shengsheng Xu   Visiting Scholar   2014-2016 Chongqing Medical University Affilated Hospital  
Longchuan Li   Research Assistant Professor   2007-2015 Marcus Autism Center  
Xueqing Liu   Visiting Scholar   2015-2015 Columbia University, Biomedical Engineering  
Erin Kepple   Undergraduate Intern   2015-2015   
Xiaodi Zhang   Summer Student   2015-2015   
Xin Ye   Summer Student   2015-2015   
Junhao Pan   Visiting Scholar   2014-2015 Zhongshan University  
Mac Merritt   Graduate Student   2014-2015   
Josiah Takang   Summer Student   2014-2014   
Behnaz Yousefi   Research Assistant   2011-2014   
Ki Sueng Choi   Research Assistant   2006-2014 Post Doctoral Fellow, Emory
Arthur Morrissette   Rotating Student   2013-2014 Emory Graduate School
Katrina Gourdet   Sr. Sponsored Research Administrator   2002-2014 Emory SOM Administration
Josiah Takang   Summer Student   2014-2014   
Brenda Robledo   Research Assistant   2009-2014 PhD Graduated  
Xiaoyong Zhang   Post-doc   2009-2014   
Hui Shen   Visiting Student   2003-2014   
Li Wei   Post-doc   2007-2014 Suntrust Bank  
Kaiming Li   Post-doc   2011-2013 China  
Frederick Damen   Research Assistant   2009-2013   
Jihun Oh   Research Assistant   2012-2013 Senior Engineer, Samsung Electronics DMC R&D Center, Korea 
Jacob Billings   Research Assistant   2012-2013 GDBBS @ Emory 
Elizabeth Caudle   Sr. Secretary   2010-2013 BME @ Emory 
Jaemin Shin   Research Assistant   2006-2012 CABI 
Sinyeob Ahn   Post-doc   2009-2012 Siemens Physicist for UCSF Neuroscience Imaging Center 
Shiyang Chen   Visiting Student   2011-2012 Gatech Graduate Student (Returned to the lab) 
Steve Harris   Research Assistant   2005-2012 Emory University 
Sailaja S. Anumula   Research Associate   2010-2011  
Haibao Wang   Visiting Scholar   2011-2011  
Lei Jiang   Research Associate   2010-2011  
John A. Sexton   Postdoc   2010-2011  
Govind Bhagavatheeshwaran   Postdoc   2008-2011 NIH 
Alexander Poplawsky   Research Assistant   2006-2011 Center for Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh 
Yue Zhang   Visiting Student   2009-2010 Beijing University 
Gopikrishna Deshpande   Postdoc   2005-2010 Assistant Professor, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University 
Daniel Perez   Research Assistant   2008-2010 Application System Engineer, MAKO Surgical Corp 
Changming Wang   Visiting Student   2009-2010 Beijing University 
Xing Lv   Visiting Student   2009-2010 Beijing University 
George (Andy) James   Research Assistant Professor   2006-2010 Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 
Lisa Cunningham   Senior Secretary   2009-2010  
Mary Dent   Postdoc   2006-2009 Atlanta Research & Education Foundation 
Priya Santhanam   Research Assistant   2004-2009 Post-doctoral, Solodkin/Small Brain Circuits Laboratory, CA 92697 
Richard Cameron Craddock   Research Assistant   2005-2009 Director of Imaging, Child Mind Institute, NY 10022 
Mei Zhan   Rotating Student   2009-2009 Graduate Student 
Christopher Glielmi   Research Assistant   2004-2009 Siemens Healthcare, New York 
Ebony Wilson Johnson   Senior Secretary   2008-2009  
Shijun Zhu   Post-doc fellow   2006-2009 Emory Winship Cancer Institute 
Roger Nana   Postdoc   2004-2009 Viewray Inc. 
Qin Xu   Post Doctoral Fellow   2006-2008 Siemens, Shanghai, China 
Wu Li   Postdoc   2006-2008 Beijing, China 
Nashiely Pineda   Postdoc   2006-2008 Siemens, Germany 
Mingguo Qiu   Visiting Scholar   2006-2007 Texas 
Zhi Yang   Visiting Student   2006-2007 Associate Professor, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
Stephen LaConte   Research Assistant Professor 2002-2007 Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute
Nader Metwalli   Research Assistant   2004-2007 Misr Radiology Center, Cario, Egypt  
Xuebing Li   Visiting Student   2006-2007  
Zhaohui Liu   Sr. Research Lab Assistant   2005-2007 CDC
Tiejun Zhao   Post-doc   2004-2007 Siemens MR Research Collaborations Liason to SIBR
Qiulin Wu    Visiting Student    2006-2007
Omar Zurkiya    Research Assistant    2002-2007 Resident in Radiology, Class of 2013, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA 02215
Scott Peltier   Research Assistant Professor   2002-2006 Associate Research Scientist, University of Michigan
Fuqiang Zhao    Research Assistant Professor    2005-2006 Scientist, Merck
Chi Woong Mun    Visiting Scholar    2005-2006 Professor, Inje University, Korea
Will Curtis    Research Assistant    2005-2006
Temilade Adelore    Research Assistant    2005-2006
Keith Heberlein    Sr. Research Associate    2002-2006 Siemens
Danli Wang    Research Assistant    2002-2005 Meditronic
Xiaodong Zhang    Senior Research Associate    2002-2005 Faculty, YERKES Primate Center
Xiangyang (Shawn) Ma    Senior Research Associate    2002-2004 YERKES Primate Center
Yasser M. Kadah Research Associate 2002-2004 Cairo University, Egypt
Research Associate 2003-2005 Ochsner Health Center For Children - New Orleans
Jihong Chen Post-doc 2004-2005 Associate Director, Biostatistics at Astellas Pharma US, Inc.
Xuchu Weng Visiting Scholar 2005 Professor, Center for Cognition and Brain Disorders, Zhejiang Key Laboratory for Research in Assessment of Cognitive Impairments, China
Jiancheng Zhuang Research Assistant 2002-2003 Dona and David Dornsife Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Center, University of Southern California
Precious Douse Summer Student 2006
Yufen Shi BME Undergraduate 2004
Prabhat Arora Summer Student 2005
Amanda M. Jackson Summer Student 2004
Amit Momaya Summer Student 2004Duke University
Celena Daniels Summer Student 2004
Ta Ressa Wills Summer Student 2003Internal Medicine Physician, United States Army, Washington D.C
Jason Condon Summer Student 2002
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