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Biomedical Imaging Technology Center

Research  [Home] [Research] As our name indicates, the research in our lab revolves around biomedical imaging technology, namely the development and application of it. Research in biomedical imaging can be subdivided into several branches. On the technical side, research can be characterized based on the chain of events: signal/contrast generation, spatial encoding, image reconstruction, and image processing and analysis. On the other side, application of these techniques is the driving force behind the technical development. With this general idea in mind, our research focuses on all these aspects in magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy, with an emphasis on applications to the study of normal and diseased brain. While MRI is usually associated with exquisite, detailed images of the human anatomy and used for medical diagnosis based on structure information that it provides, recent advances have made it a much more versatile technique, permitting the non-invasive mapping of physiology and function. Our research strives to expand these advances and applies them to biomedical problems. Details of our research can be found under specific projects listed below.

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