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The Biomedical Imaging Technology Center (BITC) at Emory University is housed in approximately 3000 square feet of space. BITC is a core facility of the School of Medicine at Emory University. It was established to focus on the development and application of imaging technology, particularly magnetic resonance imaging.

BITC is equipped with a 3 Tesla Siemens Magnetom PrismaTM whole-body MR system, and a 9.4T/20-cm Bruker animal MR imaging/spectroscopy system dedicated to research. In addition, a research agreement was reached with Siemens Medical System such that we have full access to sequence programming software, technical details for data manipulation, and necessary technical support. This MRI system will be used for MR studies proposed in the project.

A computing and storage cluster consisting of a Linux-based 29 nodes computational cluster, disk array with a capacity of 131 TB, and an automated backup system, is established in the BITC. It is Sun Grid Engine powered for maximum data processing efficiency. This state-of-the-art hardware setup is augmented with a number of software packages including Matlab, FSL, AFNI, Hammer, SPM5/8/12, IDL, LCMODEL, and Stimulation.

In addition to the MRI system and computing facility, peripheral equipment, including computers and software for paradigm generation, setup for stimulus presentation, devices for recording behavioral data recording and monitoring physiological activities such as respiration and heart-beat, are also available in our center.

RF coils

Managed Peripheral Equipments

Third Party Peripheral Equipments

BITC Cluster softwares available to users

For Office Usage
Web BrowsingfirefoxMozilla.orgKnown best Web Browser
PDF ViewingacroreadAdobe Acrobat Reader 
Image EditinggimpGIMPOpen source image editor, compatible with
most image format. Photoshop alternative.
Fast Image View and ConvertImageMagickOpen source image editor, compatible with
most MRI image format. See HERE for a brief user guide.
Word ProcessingoofficeOpenOffice.OrgMicrosoft Office alternative,
compatible with MSOffice files
Personal Event CalendarevolutionGNOME Evolution Project 
Text Editing (GUI)gedit  
Text Editing (text mode)nano  
Ghost Script Viewerkghostview  
For MRI data processing
fMRI data processingafniAFNI 
fMRI/DTI data processingfslFMRIB Software Library 
MRI image converter/viewerstartmricroMRIcro 
fMRI data processing for animal imagestimulateStimulate 
Generic Scientific Calculation
 matlabThe Mathworks 
System Utilities
to check your disk spacedu -sh We do not enforce quota,
however, you should consider clean up if your disk usage
get over 100GB for BITC staff/students or 20GB for users.
BITC system administrator may delete your big files in case needed.
to check overall available space of your home directorydf -h . If the available space goes below 100GB,
BITC system administrator will start clean up procedure.
You may be asked to remove files.
to find a file under your home directoryfind ~ -name "your file name"  
to check memory usagefree -m If the used swap memory get over 1000M,
please do not start new MRI analysis or Matlab.
You may greatly slow down the whole server and
your process may be killed for server performance.
Always check this beforr running large process.
to look at most active procedurestop You are recommended to check this while your are
running big process. If the CPU usage and/or memory usage is already very high,
you are recommended to hold launching large processes.
to change your passwordpasswd A good password is more than 8 characters long,
contain both numbers, lower case and upper
case letters, and special charecters.
We periodically hunt for weak password.
Once found, your account will be locked.
Hint: do not use single English word, your initial
plus a yymmdd date, and all number passwords.
They are very easy to be hacked.
Recommended Windows Softwares for connecting to the cluster
data transferWinSCPWinSCPUse the standalone application
text mode remote loginPutty Putty Need 3rd party x-server to use graphical interface.
GUI remote logincygwincygwin Remote X interface could be very slow.
Alternative commercial x-server for windows: X-Win32, HummingBird Exceed.
unix box and Macintosh has built x-server. Just use ssh
Alternative GUI remote loginMobaXtermMobaXterm  
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